• Which builders use steel?

    Sunland Homes, Imagine Kit Homes, Hutchinson Builders, Metricon, Tamawood, Dixon Homes.

  • Why should I build in steel?

    Peace of mind, quality, consistency and ease of installation.

  • If I give you a plan, how long does it take to get a quote?

    Typically 3 days.

  • What sort of warranty do you provide?

    We supply a structural warranty on our product to 15 years. If Truecore steel from Bluescope Steel is used they can offer you a 50 year warranty on the coating of steel only.

  • What is the lead time to get an Engineering Certificate for council submission?

    Three weeks from deposit.

  • What is the cost of getting the Design and Engineering done?

    Usually 10% of the price.

  • Can you build 3 storey homes/buildings with AFS frames?

    Yes. We have built many and are currently building them now.

  • Roughly, what price would you expect to pay for a single story, 3 bedroom house frame?

    A 180m2 frame would cost approximately $14,220 + GST

  • Can the frame be installed by my builder if he hasn’t had any experience with steel?

    Yes it can.

  • Do you supply all engineering ?

    Yes, we engage a third party registered engineer to certify all of our steel framing.

  • What do I get as a package ?

    With the frame, you get everything that is required to install the frame so that other trades can fix the roof, fix the linings externally and internally. For more information call us on 1300 722 492.

  • Where do we deliver to ?

    If you draw a line from Darwin to Adelaide, we will deliver anywhere this side of that line.

  • How long has your company been operating?

    Our team which has been working together for over a decade started up AFS in 2014. We employ 16 office staff and 33 factory staff.

  • How much is a lineal metre?

    It all depends on which size stud and the thickness, but the most common member which is a 90mm X 0.55mm sells for around $2.85 per l/m

  • How far can your truss span?

    We did a job for Ozcare aged facility at Labrador on the Gold Coast which spanned 22 meters, that’s our longest to date

  • Do you sell sheds?


  • What is the typical wind rating in Brisbane?

    Typically the rating is either N2 or N3.

  • What is the difference between Trucore (Blue) and silver frames?

    The only difference is the blue dye.

  • Do Steel Frames rust?

    Not when fully enclosed. If left exposed eventually they will rust. External steel needs to be coated. If you leave untreated timber it will warp and rot.

  • How do the plumber and electrician get their wiring and pipes through the walls?

    We prepunch 3 holes per stud so most of the work is already done, some holes need to be drilled.

  • How do you go with putting mechanical services in the roof cavity? Particularly AC ducting?

    There is typically sufficient space for ducting and the like, but some times we make provisions in the trusses to accommodate it if it is a large unit.

  • Do you have to earth the frames?

    Yes. It is a requirement to earth all homes. But during construction, steel frames should be earthed in case of lightning.

  • Does a carpentry licence cover steel frame installations?


  • My area floods, is there a guarantee the frame won’t rust?

    Not if it is submerged in water.

  • I’m adding an extension to my home, can I use steel in a timber home?


  • If my builder can’t do it, do you have anyone that can do the installation?

    Yes, we can recommend many Licensed Contractors to carry out the work.

  • Is it faster to use steel?


  • How is the frame fastened to the concrete slab?

    We typically use an anchor screw bolt, however we offer a full installation manual which comes with the frame.

  • We want to put a deck on the roof area of our extension to be accessed from the upper level of our home. Can the frame support this type of building?

    Every job is different but typically the answer is yes. However, our engineer would need to review it.

  • How can I get a quote?

    Call us on 1300 722 492 for an obligation free quote.

  • Will you invoice me or do I have to pay COD?

    We will invoice you, typically you will need to make a deposit.

  • What size jobs do you do ?

    We do small buildings to very large projects.

  • How much are the delivery costs?

    The delivery costs are built into the supply price and are different for each job as all jobs have different loads and distances.

  • Do you do all steel ?

    We supply some timber products ocassionally when required.

  • What is the biggest project you have done ?

    We built seven brand new schools for Broad Construction which was a massive project over three years.

  • Do you supply and install?

    No, we only supply frames but we have an extensive list of installers who can install for you.

  • Do I have to be a builder to buy frames?


  • Will you do site measurements?

    If required, but we will typically charge for those services.

  • Do the steel floors squeak?

    When installed correctly neither steel or timber joists should squeak.

  • Do I get a discount on my insurance ?

    Some companies offer a discount due to steel not being combustable which reduces the chance of fire.

  • Can you supply the final plans or do I need a draftsman/architect?

    You will need to contract a draftsman or architect (we can recommend some if required).

  • Do you provide the walkway?

    Yes we can.

  • Can you supply framing installers, if needed?

    We can recommend licensed installers to help.

  • Do you require a deposit or full payment, as I have a bank loan with progression payments?

    We require a deposit in order to instigate our shop drawings and for engineering costs.

  • Does the framing come with fixings etc. or must these be purchased separately?

    Yes, we supply all the fasteners to complete the frame installation.

  • Do you need to know the cladding or roofing material at this stage?

    Yes we do.

  • How much notice do you require for the order?

    Typically three weeks.

  • Is it more expensive than timber?

    If it is compared against treated timber of similar width and tensile strength equivalent then the answer is no. But it is hard to compare against 65mm untreated, finger jointed pine.

  • I’ve heard Steel Framing can be noisy. Is this true?

    In extreme temperature changes yes, steel will expand and contract but will always revert to its original form and strength.

  • How do you fix materials to the frame?

    There is a vast range of screws and nails specifically designed to fasten steel frames and linings to steel frames now offered in the market place.

  • Is steel framing flimsy?

    The frames are light weight but once fixed together they are extremely strong. In weight to strength ratios steel frames they are far superior to timber.

People, Partnerships & Progress

People & Experience

Our team has developed framing methods that deliver more large-scale projects simultaneously than any other company in the country.

Partnerships Built On Trust

We believe trust goes further than the stability of the frame, it's also about the company that’s delivering it - that’s why our promise is to be consistent on price, quality and always deliver.

Progress & Vision

We are driven by a deep passion for our industry. We have fostered a culture hinged on an attitude - always show up and never give up.

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Ryan Canning

Blackall Hospital Site ManagerSt Hillier’s

“The site was immaculate, no rubbish, building materials (not even dust). The workmanship was fantastic; it was solid with nothing half done. The guys are always in appropriate PPE, are always well-mannered and address issues without any fuss or indignation.
Overall, there is a great team environment. The team are always helping each other and there is levity with the group. It is very rare to have a team like these guys.
It would be my absolute pleasure to work with you and your team again in the future.”


Joe Finocchiaro

Sunland Construction ManagerSunland Homes

“Over the past 15 years, we have built thousands of homes throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with AFS. Their system is great!

We get fantastic service; when I want things made, they are delivered on-time and the price is right as well. They are a good company to deal with, indeed, a VERY good company to deal with. Their people are the best to deal with and are a great partner for Sunland.”


Levi Corby

Team LeaderHutchinson Builders

“Our work with AFS spans over a decade. We have most certainly enjoyed developing our working relationship.
The AFS team have provided their expertise on a number of jobs, their experience, attention to detail and progressive approach to Design & Construct has always proven valuable on a number of fronts. No matter the scale, our Construction teams would always welcome the continued opportunity to work with AFS on future projects”.