5 Questions to Ask Your Frame Fabricator

5 Questions to Ask Your Frame Fabricator

One of our customers said recently “The critical contractor is the framing contractor, if they perform well the job goes well but if they don’t, then the project struggles.“ – Peter Lumsden, Site Manager, Condev.

The ideal situation is that the framing contractor services the project so efficiently that they advance the construction program. But that isn’t easy. 

We appreciate the hard work that goes into getting every step right in our well-oiled Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Installation (DEMI) processes. Reflecting on this, we established 5 topics to help you find the right framing solutions partner.

  1. 1. Does your steel frame supplier have the required manufacturing capacity and scalability to keep up with your program?

Can your potential framing partner meet your project needs while fulfilling their greater project pipeline? Are they capable of scaling or are they outsourcing? And if so, how are they maintaining top quality output for your project? 

  1. 2. Does your steel frame supplier have the design capabilities to deal with the complexities of your project? 

Breadth of experience is key to a successful delivery. Understand the scope of projects they

have previously delivered – i.e. tens, hundreds or thousands of buildings per project?

Delivery of how many schools? Early Childhood Centres? Aged Care Facilities? Fast Food

Outlets? Medical Facilities? etc.

Knowing that your framing partner has experience in a project similar to yours should mean

they bring tremendous value to the design table, including innovative ideas and engineering

solutions that can return significant cost savings back to you. 

  1. 3. Does your steel frame supplier have the resources to ensure you keep on program? Ask your framing partner about their fleet of vehicles and installers – how do they execute?

For AFS, we hold great confidence in our team of 100 to get the job done. Our purpose-built transport fleet and reliable logistics partners delivered 3,000T of light gauge steel during FY2020. In the same year, our specialist network of light gauge steel crews installed 187,500m² of frames. And, our installation team travelled 28,000km to carry out remote project delivery.

  1. 4. Has your framing partner rescued any projects? 

Unfortunately, abandoning projects is more common that one would like to think. We are known in the industry for our ability to step in and help accelerate the critical path. AFS have been responsible for rescuing projects and so this question intentionally highlights the importance of follow through and accountability.

  1. 5. How financially stable is your steel framing partner?

Our stable financial position is important to our customers. Knowing that your framing partner can deliver the project ensures confidence and peace of mind. 

AFS is QBCC Licensed with a relevant allowable turnover and our strong balance sheet offers our customers assurance and certainty that we will deliver. 

We know the real price is REPUTATION

We know the importance of reputation, critical path, and delivering your project on-time and on-budget.

AFS has unrivalled production capacity with 17 roll forming machines across three manufacturing facilities, capable of producing over 34000lm of light gauge steel per day.

We employ the largest team of detailers for steel frames supplied into the medium density space in Australia. With our large team of in-house detailers and an extensive list of sub-contract resources we are able to keep your design ahead of program.

Our established and reliable installer base offers our customers scalability of these resources according to your program requirements.

Our team has delivered an outstanding portfolio of projects. From stand-alone residential and commercial projects, to a complex 25,000m² school, impressive 3,200 two-storey townhouse projects, and a 263 townhouse project built on the largest podium slab in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Please view our case studies for more details.