Australian Framing Solutions Building a Better Future

Australian Framing Solutions Building a Better Future

Our approach to progress in the construction industry

Progress is defined as forward or onward movement towards a destination. However, at Australian Framing Solutions (AFS), we believe it is more complex. We recognise the importance of quality in the foundations we build on in achieving progress. Our team provides quality residential and commercial steel frame solutions based in greater Brisbane. 

We have a vision for our community and for Australia that is expansive, but it is nothing without hard work and commitment to continued innovation. AFS is proactive and progressive in outlook whilst being hands-on and meticulous in practice. 

Our company operates to the highest safety standards at all times and we have set the benchmark for capacity, quality and leadership in our sector of the construction industry. As one of the major suppliers of framing systems to the Queensland market, we realise the full weight of our responsibility. 

We know that progress is not inevitable. It’s up to us to create it. That is our ethos at AFS and this is reflected in our video content on this page. Press play to explore further (audio overlay is a famous public speech by John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia, that we have borrowed) as we hope to pay the inspiration forward.