In Steel We trussed

In Steel We trussed

Steel trusses are fast becoming the industry preference for commercial applications. When selecting materials for a school building or commercial project, the advantage of steel trusses become the smart choice.

Summary of Benefits

  • Steel trusses are faster to erect than traditional timber trusses. 
  • They allow for greater spans and unique architectural features. 
  • Through clever detailing, they can allow space/openings for services, etc.
  • Each steel truss is engineered for specific loads. 
  • Ceiling battens run perpendicular to the trusses and ensure a perfect straight finish. 

Faster Straighter Stronger 

There are many gains when building with steel trusses.  

  • Speed of installation – light gauge steel trusses often weigh up to one third of their timber truss equivalent.  Therefore, lifting and placing steel trusses is a much quicker process with less cranes and trades required to manoeuvre and install.
  • Steel trusses arrive to site straight and true and will remain that way for the life of the product.
  • The use of ceiling battens running in the opposite direction ensures a perfect straight finish.  The accuracy gained from steel trusses offers next-level precision building.

Each steel truss is individually engineered for the specific loads applied.  Through our collaborative approach, we liaise with the follow-on trades and can add frame enhancements to ensure their requirements are meet. This can include electrical and plumbing service holes, extra nogs and studs for specifically engineered loads, cladding, and non-structural products, mechanical clearances in trusses, and heavy loads. These inclusions can dramatically speed up the construction program. 

For example: when we design large voids in the roof space for AC condenser units, the steel frame web spacings ensure plenty of room for services. 

Quite often this negates the need for a suspended ceiling to run services, which allows AFS to drop the level of the bottom chord to allow for direct fixing of the ceiling - speeding up the construction process. 

Steel trusses provide a myriad of advantages over timber trusses. If speed of construction and quality of finish are important to you, steel should be your choice for your next project.

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Trusses are the framework of rafters, posts and struts that support roofs, bridges and other structures. One of the big questions in construction is whether there is a best material from which to make a truss. Are steel trusses better than wood?